Mexi-Mutt Monday – Bringing Canello Home

There are some stories that just stay with you and brighten your heart – it’s those happily ever after stories that a rescue group is so entirely hopeful for…Meet Canello – a sweet dog who was living on the streets of Mexico and was literally starving to death – starving for food, attention & love ~ Canello was rescued by CWOB and found all that and more!

Nina writes to us about her dad and Canello…

photo“…My dad had been looking for “the right” dog for months, but he just hadn’t found his companion. Of course, I was sending him fuzzy-faced terrier mix dog listings to choose from. I was receiving CWOB’s newsletters, and one time, right there in the newsletter, was Canello!  I forwarded it to my dad and…it was love at first sight!  From that first day, they have been inseparable, 2 peas in a pod, totally buddies, cruising in the convertible and going on hikes all over Sonoma County. I love hearing my dad laugh all the time because of funny things Canello (nicknamed Pookie) does, expressions on his face, and his amusing personality.  Pookie is the best friend my dad could ever have and rewards him every day with that kind of joy, loyalty and love that Mexi-Mutts are known for!  Thanks for bringing him “home”!”

We are so grateful for Nina & her dad! This bright new beginning is what inspires us to keep going…to keep believing that no animal should be left behind because all animals deserve a brighter future.

Written by: Angelina Martin.  Photos by: Nina Caputo

To donate to our Mexico Dog Rescue program, please click here.


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