Mexi-Mutt Monday Enzo finds Love

photo 3 In 2008 CWOB traveled to Mexico and rescued many dogs off of the streets of Juarez. Most were starving, most had no hope for any sort of love or happiness. Providing brighter futures to animals in need is our mission…and Enzo’s story fills our heart and inspires us to keep working to ensure that no animal is left 2

Enzo’s Mom, Amy Fransen wrote to us to say how grateful she is that we rescue dogs from Mexico…Here’s what she has to say:

“…Enzo has lived with me for five years and came from Juarez. He has had many names- El Chapo, Big Boy, Spunky and Gordito, but he’ll always be my Enzo. He’s a low-key chunky guy who lives happily with his brother and sisters. photo 1He’s on a permanent diet and likes nothing more than burrowing in the bed. Thank you for brining us together! …”

– Amy, John, Pearl, Flora and Pickles.

We are so grateful for the support of our Mexico Dog Rescue program! And for very happy new beginnings that continue throughout the life of dogs just like Enzo.

Written by: Angelina Martin

Photo Credit: Amy Fransen


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